Castles, Crepes and Wine Weekends: Exploring Caen & Bayeux in France


What to do in Bayeux

I surmise I should begin by saying when to go to Bayeux. I shook up early January overlooking that the French take their days off significantly more genuine than we do in the UK and everything was kinda shut… Ok, that is a slight misrepresentation yet fortunately I visited numerous years prior back at School so didn’t pass up a major opportunity to an extreme however make sure to check opening times ahead of time or you may be kinda pissed when you don’t get the chance to see the great stuff.


The Bayeux Tapestry historical center is situated close to the focal point of this beguiling french town, you’ll have just begun beginning to look all starry eyed at simply walking around from the station. It was likewise unquestionably closed when I shook up and not having any desire to hold up the 18 days until it opened again I’ll fill you in on an old school trip…

It’s really a noteworthy bit of fabric, at almost seventy meters in length the detail weaved onto it portrays the tale of the English intrusion by William the Conqueror. Thus, a one-two punch – Art visit and History class across the board.


Just on the off chance that the Museum likewise isn’t open for you then you can play a game I call ‘Chase the Crepe’ – for the most part on the grounds that very little else was open from the get-go an end of the week morning either. Pursue the primary high-road up for a brief period and you’ll unearth a market square (a few days of the week) to absorb the french vibe, hit up a patisserie, sink some espresso lastly locate a damn crêpe!


You can’t generally visit anyplace in Europe and not visit a house of God, isn’t that so? The Notre Dame Cathedral in Bayeux is surely not the most excellent in the nation however in the event that you are a sucker for recolored glass and everything old like me, it merits popping your head into.


The noteworthy significance of the encompassing regions is best comprehended by a little shoreline day trip. The Normandy arrivals occurred here from WW2 and there are still indications of war here from fortifications to remembrances. It’s a chilling token of a history our grandparents survived.


In the edges of the city sits the second biggest war burial ground in France. The 4000+ white tomb markings are an unmissable difference from the green nurseries they sit in. A dismal minute to consider the historical backdrop of Europe, I left a couple of tears here without a doubt.

What to do in Caen

About 30km from Bayeux (which is effectively gotten to via train – see underneath) is the port city of Caen. This was my entrance port landing by ship from the UK which is too simple and shockingly reasonable. This city is well known gratitude to the palace developed here by William the Conqueror and its cobbled boulevards, vivacious eateries and monasteries that are specked around the city.


Alright, GO TO THIS STREET: Rue du Vaugueux – it is maybe the most beguiling, charming, curious (there are insufficient buzzword words to use on these cobbles) spot to eat, drink espresso and individuals observe ever. The crêpe place here is madly great. Truly, jump on over to this Google Street View connection at the present time and get ready to fall in sweet French love!


The core of this city is the enormous manor which was a home for William the Conqueror. Inside unfortunately it isn’t as amazing as the draw extension entrance or the immense dividers that encompass it. The vehicle leave at the back likewise kinda ruins it yet it’s a really strong structure and an extraordinary beginning stage to investigate the city from. Clearly simply in the wake of having visited the above road and eaten an excessive amount of (and wine, indeed, even at breakfast – that is the thing that the bubbly stuff is for :P).

Investigate THE ABBEYS

There are two Abbeys in Caen, one for the women and one for the men (a Benedictine Monks cloister truth be told). They are both shocking in their engineering by day and lit up around evening time. It is additionally worth looking at if there will be any presentation inside whenever during your visit to truly catch the amazing environment of them.


Why not? I adore deserted and rundown structures, the plants that develop inside them, the accounts the dividers still need to tell. This cool one just beneath is really barricaded in spite of the fact that there was positively a few people calling it home. In the event that you can discover a path in I have seen some mind blowing photographs of within on the web yet it was impractical at all when I was there. (FYI – Likely unlawful as well so ya know, I assume no liability spiel and so forth… )

Look at the dedication

In the event that you haven’t got the opportunity to recollect on the grounds that you skipped Bayeux, at that point the Caen dedication is somewhere else to pause for a moment to reflect. Both a war graveyard and exhibition hall this is likely the best port of call in the event that you need to comprehend progressively about WW2 as well as about its specific fights and the significance of Caen and Normandy inside the war.

Fundamentally, on the off chance that you need to absorb great engineering, drink wine, get fat and spout out banality words about how charming Europe is you can’t turn out badly with this end of the week trip! Without a doubt, it is conceivable as a day trip from Paris however take a night to remain here to truly absorb it (and have the option to return to that road for more nourishment!).

The handy stuff…

Arriving: From Paris, you can get to Caen in around two hours. Book ahead of time to attempt to snatch an exceptionally limited admission on the French Railways site. Then again, Brittany Ferries sail from the UK to Caen Port either medium-term or by day.

Getting around: The train from Caen to Bayeux keeps running at any rate hourly and takes around 15 minutes at an insane costly €13 return. It is anything but difficult to investigate both by walking without the requirement for open vehicle. On the off chance that you are taking the ship, a transport meets most landings and takeoffs yet on the off chance that not a taxi can interfere with you over €40. Shabby, France isn’t!

Where to remain: Accommodation in France can be both minor, costly or both. I slammed at Hotel Bristol for €50 where the cutest canine and a cute host checked me in. The spot appears as though it is stuck in a time travel, however behind the room entryways are perfect, roomy and comfortable beds with current enrichment and restrooms.

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